Love Your Colon: Colorectal Cancer Screening Awareness

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Colorectal cancer, like any cancer, is a serious condition that can have a significant effect on the lives of those diagnosed and the lives of their loved ones. Fortunately, screening for colorectal cancer may help. Regular screening can detect precancerous growths and diagnose colorectal cancer at an early stage.1

As many as 60% of deaths from colorectal cancer could be prevented through early detection and removal of precancerous A small growth that develops in the lining of a cavity in the body, such as the colon.polyps if everyone 50 years of age or older had regular screenings.2

With current figures indicating that colorectal cancer could cause approximately 49,700 deaths in the United States in 2015,3 early screening could translate into saving as many as 30,000 lives.

Payers play a role in driving awareness for colorectal cancer screening for employers, providers and members within their networks. Payers have the opportunity to encourage colorectal cancer screening by recommending to their employer customers that they promote screening to employees and, for their individual members, by leveraging the communication/education resources available through the Love Your Colon initiative.


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The Love Your Colon Payer Toolkit includes resources to help you communicate with members, employers and health care providers.  


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