It's Time to Put Colorectal Cancer Behind Us

Screening Helps Save Lives

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Colorectal cancer
is the third-leading cause
of cancer deaths

...when you look at cancer deaths among men and
women—an estimated 53,200 deaths will occur in 2020.1 Colorectal cancer
is preventable, detectable, and, if found early, treatable.1

9 out of 10 people who have colorectal cancer will live for more than 5 years if they find it when it is still in an early stage

9 out of 10 people

who have colorectal cancer will live for more than 5 years if they find it when it is still in an early stage.1

Early screening and treatment matters!

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About Love Your Colon

In 2011, Genentech, along with a community of doctors, researchers, pharmacists, cancer survivors, advocates, and health insurers in South Carolina launched Love Your Colon as a joint initiative. These groups came together to focus on promoting awareness of colorectal cancer and screening among people of all ages.

The Monarch Pilot Program was implemented through an independent physician association (Monarch HealthCare), in partnership with Genentech, with the goal of eliminating barriers to screening in targeted populations.

Just one year after the launch of the initiative, their efforts successfully boosted screening rates by nearly 20%*

by eliminating screening barriers, like preauthorization, offering testing options, and automatically sending fecal occult blood testing (FOBT) kits to nonresponders.2

*Versus the period prior to the Monarch Pilot Program's deployment.

Through the efforts

of Love Your Colon,

screening rates

increased by


for BlueCross BlueShield plan members of South Carolina in the first year of the initiative.3

The impact of Love Your Colon exceeded all expectations, and as demonstrated by HEDIS (the BlueCross Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set), a recognized healthcare performance indicator, measures for screening compliance increased from 47% in 2011 to 68% in 2012.3

Love Your Colon - Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

Download information on colorectal cancer and screening here:


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