Many of Your Employees Are Skipping Their Preventive Health Services

Current estimates reveal that Americans are taking advantage of the preventive services provided by employer-sponsored health plans at only half the recommended rate.1 These services include colorectal cancer screening.

Screening for colorectal cancer in adults aged 45 to 75 years helps identify disease early and reduces the death rate from colorectal cancer.2,3 Yet about one-third of eligible adults have never been screened.3

1 out of every 3

eligible adults has NEVER been screened for colorectal cancer3

Experts have studied the impact that serious conditions like cancer, especially colorectal cancer, can have on companies, like lost work time and underperformance.

Employees with cancer experience4:

  • Absenteeism—3.8 more days per year than workers without cancer
  • Presenteeism—1.8 more days per year of low productivity from working while sick

Encourage your employees to take advantage of preventive cancer screening!

encourage regular screening

What Can I Do as an Employer?

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