Screening Awareness Saves Lives

Colorectal cancer can have a significant effect on the lives of those diagnosed and their loved ones. Fortunately, colorectal cancer incidence rates have been declining, in part, due to the increase in screening.1

  • Screening allows detection/removal of precancerous polyps and the detection of early stages of colorectal cancer when treatment is usually less extensive and potentially more successful1

A screening goal for Americans has been established by the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NCCRT): to increase the number of people screened to 80% in every community.2

NCCRT Goal: 80% Screened

Raising Awareness

You can help achieve this goal by playing a key role in driving awareness of colorectal cancer screening:

  • Encourage employer customers to promote screening to employees
  • Leverage the communication/education resources available through the Love Your Colon initiative to inform individual members about the value of regular screening

How to Drive Awareness:
Educating Customers and Plan Members

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